Most appropriate size suitable for most of the Masajid. 

Commonly used Digital Jamaat Panel that displays five Jamaat times, Time Limit of current Prayer (Sallah), remaining time of Jamaat and Hijri date around the year. It updates Maghrib Jamaat time automatically as it changes daily. It also highlights Prohibited time for Prayer.


SP-35FN (Masjid Name)


- Dimension: 16x35x2.0 inch, (40x89x5.0 cm)
- Net Weight : 4.5 Kg
- Digit Height: 1.8 Inch, (4.6 cm) 
- Enclosure : Wooden with Acrylic Front
- Supply : Input - 110V – 240V AC, 25 watt max
- Digit Color: Dual (Red & Green) for Salah time and Red for Real time.
- Output Socket 1: To drive external bulb.
- Output Socket 2: To drive Siren.

Accurate real time clock.
- 5 Prayer and Jumma Jamat time display.
- Jamat Countdown for the last 20 minutes.
- Jamat time Auto/Manual update selectable.
- Facility for one-time entry of whole year Jamat timings.
- Fajr and Maghrib jamat offset.
- Option to display for 2nd or 3rd Jumma jamat time.
- Eid jamat time before Eid day.
- Time limit of current Salah.
- Automatic daily update of Maghrib jamat Time.
- Jamat Beep to alert Iqamah.
- Ishraq and Zawal Time indication.
- Hijri/Gregorian date, Hijri year and weekday display.
- Countdown for Tahajjud, Sunrise, Zawal and Sunset.
- During Ramazan, Sehri and Iftar countdown.
- Mobile turn-off message during Iqamah time.
- Tasbihat (SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar) display minutes before Iqamah.
- Selectable Prayer time Calculation Method.
- Fajr and Isha prayer time programmable for any twilight angle.
- 24/12 hour format selection.
- Daylight saving ON/OFF option. 
- Support more than 1300 Cities of the world.
- Adjust for any city by entering Latitude, Longitude and Time zone.
- Facility to derive Prohibited time indicating bulb.
- Facility to drive Sehri/Iftar Siren during Ramazan.
- Facility to emboss Masjid name at top of Panel. 
- Customize prayer timetable Programming is possible.
- Adjustable Juristic Method like Hanafi, Shafii.
- Arabic, English, Urdu support 
- Temperature display.
- Jamat time digit color RED/GREEN selectable.
- Special Islamic greetings 
- Remote control setting.

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